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Welcome at AQUACI website. We are Aqua City Trade Ltd. Our main industry is producing and distributing residential plumbing products, Faucets, Shower sets, Stainless steel sinks , Copper and Teflon products.

  • We produce high quality products guarantee the best design and efficiency.
  • Elegant design with the best materials.
  • We have our brand new designed products produced by us with European Standards.
  • Using the long life materials is a concept for us.
  • We offer many variable products in different industries with full support.



Faucets and Accessories

We have high quality bathroom and kitchen faucets with high Standards, design, and quality superiority for your home. We have more than 20 Elegant Design.


Shower Sets

Our collection of head showers, hand showers and side showers designed with the latest technology . Practical compliment to your installation, water saving and providing all you need for complete control over your showering.


Copper Products

Our Products manufactured from prime copper and non-Corrosive, defect – free and safe for a smooth follow of water.



High quality PTFE material. High Impact & Tearing Resistance. Solvent Resistant To Chemicals.

Stainless steel sinks

Professional Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink Reasonable Price with modern designs ,Pledge the Quality


Plastic Products

We produce and Distribute high quality plastic products which have the best design for effectiveness to make an advantage for bathroom and kitchen usage.